It seems to me that ordinary companies focus on profit as their reason for existing. “What” you say?  Isn’t that the reason we invested in this building?”  I believe that profit is the result, not the purpose for being in business. When a company takes time to realize its “noble purpose” extraordinary things happen and sizeable profits beyond expectation follow.
People who work in “ordinary” hotels typically believe they are in the business of
selling guest rooms, F&B and event space.  I believe that is just currency. In  economics, currency is what we use to buy something of value in the eyes of the beholder.  It is the experience that makes the currency valuable – not the currency itself.   Great businesses exist beyond that in the experience economyNo Ordinary Moments is the name of a program I deliver to organizations and it is worth discovering some of the meaning of the title. 
Certainly, as it sounds, if there are “no ordinary moments”there must only be extraordinary
ones. Alas, that is unsustainable but to be extraordinary is to be in a class by itself defined by holistic principles. 
The term holistic implies that there is no separation between the environment and
the individual – all systems are related.  Investing in training but not in culture is not holistic. 
Ranting about service but having heart of house areas with deferred maintenance is not holistic. 
Leading but not being a student of whom you lead is not holistic. For a system to be holistic, one understands all parts feed all parts and acts accordingly and consistently.
In another view of “no ordinary moments” xome authors of Buddhist philosophy
suggest that to people who are “awake” there are no ordinary moments.  Not because each moment in and of itself would seem extraordinary if you were a fly on the wall, but we are not
flies.  When we bring our complete  presence, focus and attention to something or someone, it cannot be ordinary.  For example, if I am a welcome agent hovering around a front desk, I could check one person in after another and my day is just another ordinary day. If I bring complete presence and focus to each guest, I cannot have an ordinary day.  I bring meaning (and delight) to myself and others.  I am not a cog in the
assembly line but the creator of a string of individual experiences – nothing
ordinary there.

systems are concerned with how systems work together. Extraordinary people are
microcosms for extraordinary cultures. 
They tend to community, environment, mind, body and spirit. 
Opportunity, eh?


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