There are two ways to navigate life and business. As if it's a maze ... or as if it's amazing.

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“I have worked with Nanci in transforming businesses on three continents, and I've repeatedly seen her accomplish things others say is not possible. Simply put, she brings out abilities and qualities in people that they did not even know they had. Nanci shares the same processes and inspiration she achieved in hospitality with people everywhere. I recommend her highly.”

Barry Pogorel, Barry Pogorel Leadership

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Making people happy is the best business strategy of them all. 

Keep your friends close and
your customers closer!


The Challenge


             How to stand out in a fiercely competitive environment in

             which the internet has "commoditized" products and



The Solution


             Transform a transaction mentality into an experience 

             mentality. Learn how to leverage the Experience Economy,                   aka the Emotional Economy to achieve geometric

             profitability, rave social media, and top-performing                             employees.


The Reason


"The mediocre shall not inherit the earth!"