I am a Happiness Expert, a teacher of joy. Without the good fortune of being born a happy- go lucky golden retriever, I set out to find what people who live with joy know that others do not. The full recipe for that may be found in my book Follow Your Bliss, Not Your Blisters: How to Live Unconditionally Happy. Once a leader of some of the more iconic hotel brands in the world and consultant on three continents, I abandoned the good life to lead my best life – teaching people how to think differently so they may live “happier” ever after.


How to Think Differently

Today we welcome Nanci Sherman, a thought leader, happiness expert, and author. Earlier in her career, Nanci managed some of the more iconic hotels and resorts in the United States. Her hotel success is a direct result of her philosophy. “There are two ways to live life. As if it is a maze. As if it is amazing.” She left the hospitality business to pursue her passion which is directing people onto the Happiness Highway.


1.    What did the hotel business teach you about happiness for the rest of us?


2.    You wrote a book entitled: Follow Your Bliss, Not Your Blisters: How to Live Unconditionally Happy. What is it about and what do you mean by living unconditionally?


3.    What are the big “Ahas” you want people to take away from our interview?


4.    With so much going on in the world, isn’t the idea of happiness sort of insensitive and superficial?


5.    What is the Happiness Highway, anyway?


6.    How do your teachings differ from positive thinking?


7.    Tell me something about your reference to Mental Fitness. Does that have to do with IQ?


8.   Can people who are suffering be happy?


9.   People face real obstacles in their lives and very inconvenient circumstances. How do they get around that?


10.  You have some interesting terms that you say impact all our lives. Can you explain “the Impressionists” and the Happiness Assassins?


11.  Some obstacles are real, aren’t they?


12.  What is the first step anyone can do to find more happiness?


13.  You say you teach people how to think differently. What do you mean by that? How can you do that?


14.   What are the biggest takeaways you’d like our audience to go home with?


15.   Happiness is freedom from conflict with yourself and others and knowing that happiness is always just a thought away. Our entire life experience exists in our thoughts alone. What you say is so.